R. Scott Kretchmar Student Essay Award

The International Association for the Philosophy of Sport announces the “R. Scott Kretchmar Student Essay Award” in conjunction with its 40th Annual Conference. The award honors the contribution of Professor Kretchmar to the profession, in particular his devotion and dedication to the many students he has inspired to study philosophy of sport. A three-member IAPS panel will grant the award to an essay of outstanding quality addressing any philosophical issue arising in sport or a related area (games, play, dance, embodiment, or other movement-related activities).  The student whose essay is chosen shall present the paper at the Annual Meeting of IAPS, September 12-15 in Porto, Portugal.

I. Any student enrolled in an undergraduate, masters, or doctoral program at conference time.

II. To submit the essay students must be IAPS members (membership fee w/o journal is $10 US at ihttp://aps.net/join-iaps/).



I. $ 250 US cash prize

II. Conference Registration


I. Candidates have to submit, by June 15, 2012, a formal essay that addresses philosophical issues related to sport. A separate abstract for the paper is due on April 16, 2012 (see call for papers http://iaps.net/conference/).

II. Guidelines:

a) Essays should be in English, Spanish or Portuguese, contain original arguments, and not be published or submitted for publication/review elsewhere before being presented at the conference.

b) 3000-5000 words. Longer papers will not be accepted. Include word count with name and affiliation separately.  

c) Text in standard format: double-spaced, one inch margins; word-processing font size no smaller than 12.

d) Follow the Journal of Philosophy of Sport Guidelines at http://journals.humankinetics.com/submission-guidelines-for-jps. References do not count toward word limit.

e) The student must be the sole author of the paper.

f) Submissions are limited to one per student.

III. The writer shall attend the convention and present the paper.

IV. Please, submit paper electronically as a Word document, and blind-review ready. If e-mail is not available, please send a hard copy to the address below.

The committee will provide suitable feedback to all students who submit essays.





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