Orientações para Moderadores



First of all, thank you very much for agreeing to help in this year’s IAPS by chairing a session. The organizers and I trust you will enjoy acting as chair of your assigned session also.


Just a few suggestions and requests so that things go smoothly.

  • A different handout requests presenters to load their talks, should they need to do so, prior to their session. But before your session begins it would be best to double check and ensure their talk is uploaded and ready to go.
  • Don’t forget to introduce yourself to the speakers and ask them how to introduce them in terms of name pronunciation and affiliation.
  • Presentations this year will be 30 minutes long. Encourage speakers to leave about 10 minutes of time for discussion (inevitably it will be less, but this will ensure there is some time for dialogue). Allowing one or two minutes for the “speaker change” would help to keep things in schedule. Please, remind speakers of their time limitations and let them know how you will notify them that their time is up (letting them know 5 and 2 minutes may be a good ball park).
  • As far as discussion, if the audience is remiss to begin asking questions, you are encouraged to get involved. But if there are enough questions, these should take precedence over yours.
  • While it is the presenter’s responsibility to finish on time, your help is needed to ensure that all presenters have their allotted time. Sticking to the schedule will also help attendees find their way to the talks they are interested on time while minimizing disruption.
  • If for some reason one of the presenters does not show up, please keep the schedule so that people from other sessions may attend presentations scheduled in your session.
  • If there are any issues with the technology or anything else, take command and do not leave the speaker hanging there (get technical assistance, or a glass of water if they have a coughing fit…). Some of them will be nervous enough.
  • Initiate applause when the speaker finishes the presentation as well as when the Q & A is over, thanking all for attending.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy your time up there in your privileged spot!





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